Standing still in chaos

“In chaos, there is fertility.” – Anais Nin

Never ending to do lists; weekends filled up weeks ahead of time; meetings after meetings at work… We’re sometimes so busy, our life feels out of control.

But as the late author Anais Nin said: “In chaos, there is fertility.”

If we can stand still, listen and observe for a minute while chaos is swirling around us, we might be able to capture something… something special. A change in the scenery. A window of opportunity. A new sense of awareness.

So stop for a minute. Breathe. Observe. Feel……………

What’s coming up for you? What openings can you create for yourself or others from your chaos today?

Pigeon chaos in Durbar Square (Kathmandu, Nepal, Dec 2012)
Pigeon chaos in Durbar Square (Kathmandu, Nepal, Dec 2012)…
… Among chaos, came life with a smile.

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    1. Thank you! I’m always amazed when I think I’ve just missed a good shot because something moved into the frame, but when I look at the photo, that thing actually helped create the perfect composition… Life’s randomness can be quite pretty. :)

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