Technological breakdown

What a week! You know when you feel the pressure is so high something is about to blow off…

What a week! You know when you feel the pressure is so high something is about to blow off…

TechnologicalBreakdownI’ve been spending hours on revamping my website (which is never a straightforward task), marking online university assignments, applying for employment opportunities and much, much more. It feels as though I have had to do two weeks worth of work in three days. By Tuesday, my head was already so full of stuff, I even managed to get the time wrong for my basketball game and showed up four minutes before the end of our game… first time in 10 years!

As I was heading out to catch up with a friend for coffee yesterday, I realised what my problem was. It turns out, my technology vs human relations balance was totally out of whack and to recover my ‘zen’, I needed human interactions – disconnect from the big wide world enclosed in my 13-inch screen and come back to my own little backyard. I’m a people-person and however convenient my laptop may be, it will never give me the sense of perspective, creativity and energy a person will. I came back from my meeting feeling refreshed and full of ideas – not just stuff.

As I was starting to feel pressured earlier in the week, I knew my level of stress could be controlled by my attitude towards it. I just somehow hadn’t found the trigger to help me switch my thinking around. It’s only when I stepped away from the environment I was in and reflected on my feelings that the answer came. It was such a modest realisation, yet it confirmed one simple truth to me… that Google does not have all the answers!

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  1. I love your post because as of Monday this week, I told my mother i needed a brain vacation. Yes, we all get consummed into work and school and our lives consummed into these computers, ipads,telephones and just technology. That we need to phone back home and have a small lunch with a friend and talk and it makes us feel a125% better and refocused. Its the little things that matters.

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