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Despite the rain

How often do we stop ourselves from doing something because the ‘conditions aren’t quite right’?

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Morton National Park


You might remember a confession I made two months ago. I had realised I had been putting something that was important to me down my priority list for a few weeks. In an attempt to put myself back at the forefront, I had booked a weekend for myself, alone, doing something I love: camping.

Well, that special date with myself was last weekend. When I heard the forecast for rain and thunderstorms, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I woke up at 6:30am on Saturday to assess the situation and make a decision. The sky was grey and uninviting. I pondered, wondered, deliberated about the pros and cons of going camping regardless of the weather for an hour before finally making my mind and hitting the road. As soon as my decision was made, I had goosebumps from excitement and a large smile across my face.

This anecdote makes me wonder how often do we stop ourselves from doing something because the ‘conditions aren’t quite right’? I think these ‘conditions’ or ‘excuses’ are often internal to us and completely under our control. All we need is to take personal leadership and forge through. Would you agree with me?

As it turned out, the rain only showed up when I was snuggled into my sleeping bag. And I can’t think of a better way to camp than sleeping with the sound of droplets onto one’s tent… In the end, everything sorts itself out.

Morton National park
Morton National park

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  1. Ça fait partit du camping!!!! Nous avons fait la même chose le week-end dernier à la fête à Alain…. un fin de semaine de pluie mais nous sommes partit quand même…. adviendra ce qui pourra…. et ce fût fantastique, la pluie est venu un soir vers 7 h pm.

    J’espère que tu as passée une belle semaine!!!! Je t’aime xxxx

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