I’m not perfect

We all have habits or personality traits we’d like to (and are trying to) change or improve.

For me, it’s what I call ‘the voice thief’…

As a communications expert, it might be hard to guess that one of the things I have been working on improving relates to expressing myself. There’s a popular French saying which goes, ‘cordonnier mal chaussé‘ (‘the cobbler has no shoes’). Surprisingly, I have found it to be true for many people.

Although generally voicing my opinion is not a problem, in certain situations or when I’m afraid of being wrong, my thoughts seem to find it more difficult to find a voice. Positive affirmations play a big role in helping me quieten down my ‘voice thief’.

Acknowledging our ‘faults’ isn’t easy to do, but it’s the first step towards developing and improving ourselves. And by doing so openly, others can better understand us and cheer us on on our journey.

So now is your turn… what habit would you like to change?

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