Let’s celebrate!


How often do you stop and give yourself a pat on the back for having kicked a goal or reached an important milestone? And I mean, not just a token “Excellent, well done me. Now let’s move onto the next thing,” but a sincere “I am totally awesome, I deserve a celebration!”

If you’re like me, as soon as one goal is achieved, the next one is often already in planning mode. Although it’s good to have something to reach for, celebrating can be a great occasion to reflect on where we’ve come from, ackowledge our good points (give ourselves a bit of love!) and generate lots of positive energy to go even stronger afterwards.

So next time you experience a big hooray in your life, do something a bit special.

As for me, the little black dress and heels are coming on because I have a promotion to celebrate… and I totally deserve it!

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  1. EH! OUI!!! Félicitations ma belle Kim… et n’abandonne jamais ce beau geste de te gâter car nous le faisons pas assez souvent de pensez à soi de cette façon.
    Passe une belle journée, je t’aime xxx

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