Three years and mature

On 1 July 2012, I clicked ‘Publish’ for the very first time… Lead Challenge Inspire was born.

On 1 July 2012, I clicked ‘Publish’ for the very first time… Lead Challenge Inspire was born.

I’m absolutely stunned by the turn my life has taken since. As I shared with you in my two-year anniversary post, ‘change’ has been the flavour of all times, and in the last 12 months, it feels like the call I had been putting out to the universe has matured into something I really, really like – from love to the dream career.

In ‘blog life’, three years of consistent posting is probably being well into adulthood. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that I may be approaching a mid-blog life crisis…

I feel the need to re-focus… and maybe even shake things up a little! First stop: new facelift. Done! Second step: thinking. What do I want out of this blog? What do I wish for my readers? How could I add a new dimension to this reflective space? I started Lead Challenge Inspire as an opportunity to share with you lessons and inspiration I came across through my sabbatical in Asia. So what’s next?

I will take the next couple of months to pursue my fortnightly reflections with you, while thinking about these questions. Of course, I’m also very keen to hear your thoughts. What have you liked to read about? What topics have been of value (whether from a pure entertainment or learning perspective) to you?

Time to strategise… And in the meantime, happy three year anniversary Lead Challenge Inspire!

Yours truly :)

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  1. Joyeux anniversaire pour tes trois années de plomb Défi Inspire!!!!
    Tout de que tu écris est fantastic, maintenant nous sommes prêt pour un nouveau bébé…..
    Bonne journée, je t’aime Kim xxxx 😉 😉

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