Stanford, here I come!

Today, I’m on a plane to San Francisco, USA.

Over the next two weeks, I will be participating in the executive program for non-profit leaders at Stanford University, along with 55 other not-for-profit leaders from around the world.

Strategy, leadership, story telling, negotiation, culture, finance, communication, impact evaluation and many more topics will be on the agenda for participants to engage with and learn about.

I have often found people attending intensive, short-term courses to come out of them with high energy and the best intention to implement their new learnings… Unfortunately, only to find themselves overwhelmed by it all and quickly back into the day-to-day demands of their work.

As for me, I am very excited about this opportunity and absolutely committed to making the most of it – before, during the course and after. My tips for staying on top of it and bringing theory to reality is to:

  • Prepare readings and questions
  • Write my ideas and questions down as I go
  • Review my notes and thoughts on implementation every night
  • Network as much as I can
  • Prepare a summary presentation for our team and board
  • Take action on some ideas shortly after the course… And secure some quick wins!

Plus, I also plan on sharing my learnings with you over a series of posts upon my return… So stay tuned!


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