One for all

Three weeks ago, I sat on a panel listening to a group of eight young girls delivering their idea of a community project that would bring smiles, fun and knowledge to children in hospital. When I asked them why they wished to do this, they said they wanted to see the joy on the kids’ faces and give them an opportunity they wouldn’t have the chance to experience otherwise.

10257225_674108819311068_6232150166153119023_oThis, warms my heart. In today’s society, individuality is celebrated. And so it should be. But we must also instil a sense of community mindedness into our youth. After all, the popular motto “… All for one” is preceded by its altruistic cousin “One for all”.

I recently attended an event about philanthropy and one of the guests shared with me his tip for infusing a sense of giving in his children. He told me the money they receive is divided in three: a third for spending, a third for saving and a third for giving. It is such an easy initiative, and one which could have a long-term effect on a person’s attitude towards donating or helping.

Having grown up in a family where both my parents donated and volunteered countless hours – whether that be through a formal structure like the scouts, or by helping those around them – I can attest to the impact of role modelling a philosophy of ‘giving’ on young people.

It is absolutely critical that we support children in developing a “one for all” sense of community  – at school like at home. For this will create a better world.

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