My first leadership challenge

I’m in the thick of my first leadership challenge.

Hopefully, it’s one I will be able to share with you once it has passed and I’m laughing about it, having grabbed the beast by the horns and conquered it.

For now, it’s not easy. So how will I possibly get through? I’m thinking there will be seven essentials:

  1. Remain positive – where there’s a will, there’s a way!
  2. Seek support… I’m not alone in this
  3. Align the team so everyone works together towards a common goal… As they say, “a successful team beats with one heart”
  4. Be creative in identifying solutions to challenges
  5. Communicate to clear out any ambiguity
  6. Be courageous with tough but right decisions
  7. Stay sane by keeping the right balance and the exercise level up

Any other tips?


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  1. A tip or two Kim. Be yourself! Be true to your convictions. Your leadership style will follow from this, but it has to be your style. Your team will hopefully come to know your expectations and be clear on their goals.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Colin, yes, you’re absolutely right… authenticity is key. Thank you very much for the reminder. And thanks for dropping by! Kim

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