The stories we tell ourselves

I was standing at the bottom of the wall. I had done that climb the week before with about three pauses along the way. This time, I was determined to give it all and attempt to do it in one shot – no stopping!

One move at a time, I got to the harder part (the overhang) which had me the previous week. As I got there and started feeling my heart pumping and my muscles getting tired, I kept telling myself: “Keep going. I can do this. Just move your feet. Move your feet. Move your feet…”

I got to the top, arms pumped and as hard as rock, sweating and exhausted… but in one go.

Why had I achieved the climb this time around? I wasn’t any weaker the week before. I had however been telling myself: “This is hard, I need a break”.

The stories we tell ourselves have such an impact on our potential. Although most of us know that, we still let ourselves caught at times in our negative thoughts. Taking a moment to pause and consciously reflect on what’s going on inside of you may unlock the possibilities.

So next time you’re going through a tough time, a difficult challenge, pause and ask yourself what story is going on in your head and what different story might you tell yourself.

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  1. C’est drôle, il vient de m’arriver la même chose sur le tapis roulant aujourd’hui. Je voulais réussir à courir mon 20 minutes dans prendre de pause, mais à certain moment c’est difficile, car j’ai une pente prononcé, mais je me suis dite vas-y tu es capable, prend une minutes à la fois et tu y arriveras.

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