Mirror, mirror

Not every mirror portrays an accurate representation of ourselves – some make us look beautifully tan, others make us look bigger. (At home, I know exactly which one to go to get a better reflection!)

People can be just like mirrors – their feedback can reflect the good and the bad in us. As negative comments are harder to swallow, it can be tempting to seek positive ones only. But what happens if the only mirror we ever choose to look at, is the one reflecting the fairest image of them all?

Do you tend to disregard negative (or as many say, ‘constructive’) feedback? Perhaps because it comes from someone you don’t know as much? Perhaps unintentionally by simply not acting on the comments? When is the last time you sought and carefully listened to a reflection on your behaviour that would require you to change something? Change ain’t easy – status quo is comfortable.

When there are tougher comments to take in, we can ask ourselves: Is the mirror faulty? Myself? Or the way I perceive the mirror to be reflecting my image? Whatever the answer is, you can be sure there will be something to learn from the situation – if you open your mind to it.

We should all have a trusted person in our lives – and at work – who reflects our ‘true’ image no matter what – at least, as they see it!




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