The paper plane lesson

Creativity and innovation are often the fruit of exposure to different ways of thinking.

In an attempt to stimulate this, I introduced an ‘out of the box’ topic on our monthly team meeting agenda. Each month, one team member is responsible for introducing a concept, an activity or an article that is interesting, entertaining and/or helps us to learn and reflect.

Last week, it was one of my colleagues’ turn to lead the section. She asked us to write a goal that is very important to us on a piece of paper. She then got us to make a paper plane with the sheet (at which point there were engineering debates and comparisons going around the table).

We went outside with our planes and on the count of three, threw them with all the best paper plane throwing skills acquired in our childhood. 

No record distance achieved, my teammate shared the activity’s lesson with us:

“You can’t just throw your goals into the air and expect them to land where you want.”

A simple reminder that goals require focus, planning, determination… And perhaps some engineering skills!

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  1. Hmm. Mine tend to fly true until encountering the unpredictable – like wind, a bird, an errant passerby. Which I suppose is also just like real life….

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