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Today, I celebrate Lead Challenge Inspire‘s fourth birthday. Since 2012, I have continued to explore and form my identity, engrained in new experiences, reflections and learnings. My life has grown – in width and depth. That can be celebrated.

But today is D-day for a very different reason: the expected date for our couple to become a family and our baby to come explore the world. My intuition tells me, the months and years to come will present the biggest leadership lessons this blog has ever seen…

Regardless of the level of support, flexibility and understanding a workplace shows, motherhood has a huge impact on a woman’s life and career, and that, from the moment her pregnancy is known.

So I will look forward to seeing how this blog evolves and adapts over time, sharing with you more thoughts and experiences as a leader, who also happens to be a mum. If any parent out there has precious tips to share with me as I launch myself onto this new journey, I’d love to hear them!

Before I go, I want to share with you this amazing shot of ‘me and bump’ taken by a friend and amazing photographer at It captures my state of mind: welcoming what’s ahead of me… the beautiful and the unknown.

Photo taken by Phil Mantica @
Photo taken by Phil Mantica @

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  1. Incredible!
    Congratulations- I’m so Happy to read this news of your life opening.
    Blessings and love for you and your family ✨

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