D-day +7 months

Wow. It’s been seven months since my last blog post… Seven months since my baby boy entered our world. And what a different one it now is!

I have given myself a long, unintentional break from this place. Time and inspiration, battered by short nights and absolute surrendering to this little human being’s needs, were coming in short doses. Add to this house renos and various travels, and you have the perfect combination for a writer’s block!

That’s not to say my days (and nights) have been void of stimulation. So many things about Master K (as I will refer to this little bundle of joy) have amazed me to date: how he laughs in his sleep; the pace at which he gains new skills; when he sings himself to sleep. And one of the most inspiring daily occurrence: when he wakes up in the morning with the biggest smile on his face, eyes wide open, looking everywhere as if it was all new to him again.

He is a beautiful reminder to take every day as a new discovery, a new opportunity…


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