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Finding my purpose – Part 1

I was invited this week to speak at a team meeting of a large Australian business. The topic: my journey to finding purpose.

If you’re a regular on this blog, you would have read about this journey – with all its excitement, challenges and lessons – as it unfolded. From my decision to quit a job that no longer inspired me, to my overseas sabbatical, and my firm determination to pursue my search for a career and a life that would positively contribute to the world. So this journey, I have shared, but only hidden behind my keyboard and with those close to me.

This week, I had 80 strangers watching me and listening to my words. I have had many public speaking engagements in my life, but always exclusively related to my work. This time, it was mostly about me. There was no hiding.

It felt weird that people might be interested in my personal story and I was afraid of coming across as being arrogant in sharing it. I grappled with this for a while, until I started thinking about my own experience of listening to other people’s stories. I realised that actually, it wasn’t about me at all. But about the journey. Others may be going through, wanting to go through or avoid a similar path. Listening to others supports us in reflection.

So I did it. It still felt a little strange, but it was also a beautiful opportunity for me to take stock and bring my purpose back to the forefront.

If circumstances align and you get a chance to share your story – whatever it may be – I would encourage you to go for it. Someone, including yourself, might learn from it.





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