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Finding my purpose – part 2

As mentioned in my last post, I was recently invited to present on how I found my purpose, a topic I had never publicly spoken about before.

I started my presentation with a photo I have seen countless presenters begin their speech with: that of my child. Yes, I had become one of those! Being a parent is the most rewarding responsibility one can have. As such, ‘Master K’ has brought a whole different definition and level of purpose into my life.

I pursued with a series of images and stories on how I chose to quit a career I no longer felt fulfilled in, an overseas sabbatical where I had to learn to simply be me, and a return that led to the fortunate encounter of The Helmsman Project’s co-founder.

After my presentation, I invited questions from the group. In the spirit of openness, here are the questions asked, and my answers:

What is your purpose?

To be the best I can be and lead, challenge and inspire…

Does it help to share your purpose with others?

Every time I have shared my aspirations for what I wanted my life to contribute, those aspirations became a little more clear. My presentation to this group brought my purpose back to the forefront. I’m not sure why or how yet, but I sense this event may become an important point in time. Stay tuned!

Did you ever doubt you would find your purpose?

No. I have this strangely unshakeable faith in life. My confidence did waver as I was looking for employment for a while (check out this blog post), but I still knew that the right ‘thing’ would come, somehow, some day.

What do you do on days when everything seems to be going wrong?

I can get very grumpy…! (Luckily, my partner knows me well and is incredibly patient!) Seriously, I remind myself that tomorrow will be a new day and it will all be better again. A good night sleep tends to help fix things.

Is there something bigger for you?

Absolutely. We’re human beings. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow. I am only at the start of my leadership journey – both (and especially) as a mum and a career woman. I don’t know where life will take me, but I will always want to contribute to making a difference.

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